COMHDHÁIL BHLIANTÚIL 2015. The Annual Convention of the Cork County Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association will be held at Áras Raonaithe Nemo on Sunday, 13th December 2015, commencing at 2.30pm. 

The outgoing County Committee and two delegates of each Club that participated in the Adult Championships (Junior and Higher Grades) of 2015 will be entitled to attend and vote at the Convention. 


The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be celebrated at Áras Raonaithe Nemo on Convention afternoon at 1.30pm in memory of all deceased members. Delegates are requested to attend. 


1.Miontuairiscí na Cómhdhála 2014

2.Tuarascáil an Rúnaí

3.Tuairiscí na bhFo-Choistí

4.Tuarascáil an Chisteóra.

5.Óráid an Chathaoirligh.

6.(a) Toghachán-Ceapachán na nOifigeach. (b) Seisear Toscáire a thogha do Cómhdhail Comhairle na Mumhan. (c) Ochtar Toscaire, is beirt Thoscaire faoi 21 a thogha do Cómhdháil Bhliantúil C.L.G.

7.Na Rúin.

8.Craobh Chomórtaisí an Chontae – Sinsearach (Peil is Iomáint); Príomh Ghrád Idirmheánach (Peil is Iomáint); Idirmheánach (Peil is Iomaint) a chur ar chrainn.


In order that the proceedings of the Convention be carried out without delay the following Standing Orders will be observed. 

1. The proposer of a motion or an amendment thereto may speak for five, but not more than five minutes. 

2.A delegate speaking to a resolution or an amendment must not exceed three minutes.

3.The proposer of a resolution or amendment may speak for a second time for five minutes before a vote is taken, but no other delegate may speak for a second time to the same resolution or amendment. 

4. The Chairman may at any time he considers a matter sufficiently discussed, call on the proposer for a reply, and when this has been given a vote must be taken. 

5. A delegate may with the consent of the Chairman move ‘that the question now be put’ after which, when a proposer has spoken, a vote must be taken. 

6. Convention shall not be entitled to consider any matter not on the Agenda, except with the con- sent of a majority comprising two-thirds of the votes of those present,voting and entitled to vote. 

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