Cork GAA Club Coaching Structures - Divisional Workshops 2015 2015-02-25 13:16:00

During the month of March, a series of meetings will take place across the eight divisions, to discuss coaching structures and to outline the Rebel Óg Coaching Benchmarks 2020 which provide a template for ‘best practice’ in underage coaching in clubs over the next five years.

County Coaching Officer Kevin O’Donovan will lead the discussion on coaching, while clubs will also be advised on Strategic Planning by County Development Officer, Michael Byrne and on Child Protection Guidelines by County Children’s Officer, Noel O’Callaghan. County Games Manager Kevin O’Callaghan will also be present, along with the local GDA. Dates for each division are listed below and the local divisional chairman is asked to chair the meeting

A key element of the tour is to engage with adult officers to ensure that underage clubs are being fully supported by their parent clubs. Clubs are of course welcome to raise any coaching issues outside of those listed, which may be presenting challenges locally.

Click here for details Divisional Meetings 

Rebel Óg Coaching Benchmarks 2020

Rebel Óg Coaching Benchmarks 2020 provide a template for best practice in coaching, promoting maximum participation and optimal playing standards in juvenile clubs throughout Cork city and county. 

The programme includes minimum requirements for entry, with subsequent progression to Bronze, Silver or Gold targets, which clubs would strive to achieve with the assistance of their local GDA. Bronze criteria are based on establishing a primary school coaching and games programme in schools within a club’s catchment area. Silver criteria are based on an appropriate programme of club coaching and games for 5-12 year olds, while Gold criteria are based on appropriate coaching and games for 13-18 year olds. 

The programme in each club will be overseen by the local GDA and organised county-wide by County Coaching Officer Kevin O’Donovan and Games Manager Kevin O’Callaghan. 

Rebel Óg Coaching Benchmarks 2020 - Click here to download

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