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Seandun Newsletter Oct/Nov 2014

Monster Blitzes

We have come to the conclusion of our Monster Blitz series for U10, U9 and U8 for 2014.

In total, we completed 30 of our planned 32 blitzes. One cancelled due to the Rebel Og walk, the other cancelled due to low numbers over the August Bank holiday weekend (The whole city appeared to be on holidays).

Below are the records kept for each club and team.


  • ​Most regular attendee:
    • ​Glen Rovers/St Nicks who took part in 14 of the 15 blitzes that took place.
    • St Vincents and St Finbarrs both attended 13 of the 15 Blitzes.
  • ​Most amount of teams entered:
    • ​Douglas had a total of 36 teams in the u8 blitzes, averaging at just over 3 a blitz.
    • Glen/Nicks had 33 teams take part, just under 3 per blitz.
    • St Finbarrs had 32 teams take part, both just under an average of 3 per blitz.
    • Bishopstown and Nemo Rangers both had 31 teams at the blitzes.
  • ​Other Facts:
    • ​In total over 35 different clubs were represented at the Blitzes in the City
    • In total over 339 individual teams took part in the games.
    • A total of 509 matches were played.
  • ​Most Regular Attendee:
    • ​Douglas and St Vincents both attended 13 of the 16 planned blitzes
    • Mallow entered the U9 system in August and attended all 6 blitzes they were available for
  • ​Most amount of teams entered:
    • ​Douglas again hold this honour with 32 teams entered throughout the year.
  • ​Other Facts:
    • ​34 seperate clubs participated
    • 407 individual teams played
    • 612 matches took place in total
  • ​Most Regualar Attendee:
    • ​Douglas and Glen Rovers/St Nicks took part in 15 of the 16 planned blitzes
  • ​Most amount of Teams:
    • ​Douglas again hold this honour with 33 teams entered throughout the year.
    • St FInbarrs are second with 29 teams in 13 blitzes.
  • ​Other Facts:
    • ​28 differetn clubs took part in total
    • 215 seperate teams were entered
    • 323 games were played.
Well done to all clubs for participating and a massive thank you to the clubs that hosted the blitzes on a regular basis. Without the support of the clubs, the blitzes would not have been such a massive success.

Any feedback from parents, mentors or club officials on how we can improve the blitzes for next year is welcome.

Post Primary School Activity
With most post primary schools well into their respective campaigns in Hurling and Football, we are also continuing to assist some schools off the pitch. TY coach education programmes are ongoing or have been completed in 4 post primary schools.
First year blitzes have been completed in 9 schools in Gaelic Football. More details on these can be found on the Cork Coaching and Games Twitter account.

Regional Squads
Over the Hallowe'en break we had 8 teams representing the city take part in the regional games in St. Vincent's.
In Hurling we paired off against the West in U13 A&B, U14 and U15. We had 4 very competitive matches, with 3 of hte games being decided by less than a goal. These squads will continue to train into the next few weeks with their respective mentors.
In Football, we were paired off against the Mid West and again, some very competitive football was on display with some keenly contested matches. Again, these teams will continue to train in the next coming weeks now that club activity has finished up.

If you have any queries on any of the items raised in this, contact or on 086 3687799

Colm Crowley
GDA Seandun
086 3687799

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