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Primary School activities for 2014/2015
I would like to make you aware of a number of initiatives been run by Cork Coaching and Games which you might be able to utilise within your Primary School next year. I will outline the various activities below.

1. Teacher Training- We have offered this to a number of schools this year already, as part of the Croke Park hours training. Teachers are given three 1 hour coaching sessions. It is focused on basics in GAA and how to bring it into the PE curriculum. We hope that this hands on workshop, will give teachers the basic fundamentals needed to introduce more GAA into the day to day activities of the classroom. This has been very well received from participating schools so far and i hope to expand it to most schools next year. The commitment needed is 3 hours in total, to be broken down however suits the school best, as part of the Croke Park hours.
2. Club School Link- With the proximity of schools to local GAA clubs within Cork, it is hoped that every club is providing weekly coaching to the schools, in some capacity. We at Cork Coaching and Games endeavour to provide every child in primary school the opportunity to participate in Gaelic Games at some level. If your school does not receive such coaching, please let me know, so that i can arrange with the local club to assist in establishing a link. What this entails is a 30-40 minute coaching session for a class group, as agreed by the club and the school, where children are coached in age appropriate skills suitable for all range of abilities. Again, if your school currently does not have a link in place, let me know and i will arrange to get something sorted.
3. Internal Blitzes- With the Club School link coach, we hope to run 5 internal blitzes throughout the year. If your school does not currently receive Club School link coaching, let me know and i will assist in running these blitzes.
4. External Blitzes- During September-Halloween and from Easter-early June we will run a number of External blitzes in the City GAA grounds, where schools will have the option of attending. Usually these blitzes are focused at 3rd/4th classes, as 5/6th have the availability of Sciath na Scoil. Details of these rules, venues and dates will be released in early September and in early April.
5. Primary Schools Skills competition- We run a Skills competition where the school sends a team of 3 players to participate in a Hurling or Football competition. Dates for next year are currently being discussed and i will forward details asap. This is a great opportunity for schools to showcase their most talented individuals and i would encourage schools with GAA players to run internal competitions and then send on the winning players to the City Finals.
Club Go Games Blitzes
I would just like to bring you attention to a few items. There is a bit of content in the message, so please try to read it all and take note of the points attached which have crept up over the first two months of the blitzes.

1.) Skill Points:
We have designed a Skill Points program for the Monster Blitzes. This should help you tailor your training sessions in the months leading up to each blitz with Skills that we deem age appropriate for the particular age group. It is a simple case of you, the mentor taking note of the number of points attained in a match and feeding this information back to the players and checking progress as the year goes on. Here is the link to the document. We are now in Month 3.

2.) Importance of the Monster Blitzes:
We have outlined the fixtures for the months ahead. I will again attach the original draft fixture list, but please check the Text on a Monday before the event in the case that it might be changed. The U8, U9 and U10s have the most conclusive list of fixtures within the county, and you really should try to participate in every single blitz that is open. If you, as the mentor is away, ask another parent to look after the group on the day. If numbers are low for whatever reason, you should still try to send along as many as possible .I hope you will agree that the blitz runs very smoothly once it is up and running, so don't be afraid to send a group along if you as the main mentor are unavailable. I would love to get to a stage where every team is coming every week, but it is up to the mentors to facilitate this.

3.) No. of Teams on a day:
We have had a few instances lately where teams have 4/5 subs on the sideline at any stage. I would rather you try to put in more teams than less. So if you have 18 players for an U8 blitz, enter 3 teams and play 6 aside and get a player off the oppositon if needed to pull up the number. There is no reason for children to be sitting on the sideline during games. Same goes for u9/10. If you have 24 players, play 3 teams of 8 a side rather than having 3 subs for each team. Cooperation from opposition mentors is needed in regard to this, where you might have to give a player to the opposition in order to get them all on the field. The most important thing is that the children are playing as much as possible.

4.)U9 Hurling Rules:
There appears to be concern out there about the rules for the u9 Hurling. Initially the rules were All in, with no solo. However, different venues are using different rules. Ideally we would do half of each game ground Hurling and Half All in, but due to the shortness of the playing time, this is difficult to do fairly to both sides if there is any wind advantage. The team who had the wind in the second half has a serious advantage and as i have said before Dublin tried these rules over a 40 minute game and they had to be scrapped after one year due to the team with the wind in the second half were at a massive advantage. The Rules set out from now on are as Follows:
• 1st Game All in with No Solo
• 2nd Game is ground Hurling only
• 3rd Game All in with No Solo
If however, the mentors of the particular game agree to use alternate rules, then you are free to deviate, but if they can not agree on a set of rules, then the default is set out above. Any issues with this, let me know, but after gathering some feedback, we think this is the fairest option for all clubs.

5.) Timing of Matches and Blitzes:
I again ask Mentors to please arrive on time at your venue, before 10am and be ready to start at 10.15am at the latest. After you get your pitch allocation, you are free to start, but all teams are to adhere to the Timing of the Coordinator for Half times and Full Times, this is to ensure that all teams are moving simultaneously from match to match. To assist this, i would ask mentors to please limit the time you spend doing warm ups and at team talks before the match and at half time and to promptly move to the next pitch asap. Some mentors are more interested in giving big long team talks which are taking too long and are more about self importance than the benefit of the child. The child will gain much more from individual feedback during the match, as opposed to a universal comments at HT. Some teams are guilty of taking much longer than others at HT, which then leads to shortened playing time, so please be punctual.

6.) Pitch Clean Up:
Can the team that is based on the pitch, please bring in the poles and cones to the entrance to the pitch to basically save me 15 minutes doing it myself after the 3rd game. Nominate a parent at each pitch to do this and it will help me greatly. I have also noticed at times, that there are bottles and other litter being left on the pitches, could you please ensure that all litter is removed from the grounds and places in the bins provided.

7.) Discipline of Mentors, Parents and Players:
Last week, i witnessed a very unsavoury incident between a mentor of an U8 team and a spectator of the oppostition. Its only a small thing between adults, but I will not tolerate any use of Foul language or aggrssive behaviour inside the pitches during the Blitz. I am guilty of using a few choice words from time to time, but never in the presence of children. The club in question will be informed of the incident and that club will be disciplined accordingly for the actions of one mentor.
There is absolutely no need for mentors to get heated on the sideline of an u8 hurling match. And that goes for u9/10 also. These blitzes are about the children getting meaningful games and the opportunity to enjoy themselves, not about the mentors and their egos. Please do not forget this.

8.) Match Rules:
• U8 Football
o One hop, one solo.
o Keeper takes Kick Out
o Player fouled takes free
o Player closest to sideline to take sideline
o Domination rules to count. If a team is winning well, limit the better players by placing them in goals, defense or limit them to not score, take no hop/solo.
• U9/10 Football
o Same as above
• U8 Hurling
o Ground Hurling
o Clash Ball in middle of Field after a score.
o Keeper can take puck outs from hand, not allowed lift in open play.
o 45/Frees struck on ground only
o Players fouled to take free
o I personally would encourage the wearing of Shin Guards for this age group
o Domination rules as above
• U9/10 Hurling
o All in except for the 2nd game of U9, as outlined above.
o No solo allowed
o Frees taken as normal
o Player fouled to take free
o Keeper to take puck outs
o Domination rules as above
9.) Referees:
At the start of the year, each club was asked to send in teenagers to get trained up as young referees, with the hope that they would then be the referees on a weekly basis at the monster blitz. Only 2 clubs had people attend. It is up to the mentors of each team to decide who referees the games, it has nothing to do with me. If the referee is sub standard, then tough luck. I do not want people giving out to me about a Referee.

10.) Contacting me:
Can you please be punctual with responding to my texts to book a place on the blitz. You should know i will text every Monday leading into a blitz, so have your numbers at hand to respond asap. Again, it makes my job easier for planning fixtures etc if you get back to me by the monday

Other than that, i believe most clubs are participating with the correct ethos and it is fantastic to see so many kids, mentors and parents/grandparents out every week supporting the kids. I am very encouraged with what i am seeing on a weekly basis.
Thanks for your cooperation so far, it is greatly appreciated.

Club U12 County Stadium Blitz Days
Cork Coaching & Games (in association with Munster Council) are offering clubs the opportunity to participate in a series of blitz days at County Stadiums.

The blitzes are for under 12 club teams and will be 10 a side with a panel cap of 20 players.
Each club will get the chance to play 3 games on the pitch against teams from other counties as well as a talk with a county player and a stadium tour.
This initiative is in its 4th year and has been a very enjoyable day out for the clubs that have taken part in the past.

The dates for the blitzes are as follows

July 15th & 16th : Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney (Football Blitzes)
July 22nd & 26th : Gaelic Grounds, Limerick (Hurling Blitzes)
July 29th & 30th : Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Cork (Football Blitzes)
Aug 5th & 6th : Semple Stadium, Thurles (Hurling Blitzes)

Cork Coaching & Games are opening this up to every club in the county.
However, if demand exceeds the amount of places allocated, then clubs will be selected based on their participation in the LEE Flag Scheme from 2013.
We would encourage all clubs to apply for participation in at least 1 venue however as it is a great opportunity for boys to play in the same stadiums as their idols. We realise that the blitzes are during working hours but the head coach does not have to attend as the games are about participation rather than winning a competition.
To register your interest in taking part please contact me immediately

Yours in sport
Paudie O Brien

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