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Duhallow Games Development News 17/6/14

As some of you may already know I am now the new GDA for the Duhallow Division. I have been working with Cork GAA as a Games Development Administrator for the past five years. I previously covered the Carrigdhoun and Muskerry Divisions. My role now encompasses Duhallow and the western side of Muskerry.
Please feel free to contact me regarding coaching and games development issues.
Also if clubs want me to visit to help with club planning or to deliver coaching workshops to your coaches please contact me.
I look forward to working with the clubs and schools in Duhallow.

Martin Coleman GDA Duhallow & West Muskerry
086 7725372

Monster Blitzes
Currently Cork Coaching and Games U8 and U10 Monster Hurling and Football Blitzes are in full swing around the county. Every Saturday there are 8 blitz venues in operation with between 100 and 250 players playing at each venue. Club U8 and U10 coaches receive a regular text on the week of their blitz and reply with the number of teams they would like to enter and which venue they would like to attend. If your club have not taken part in a blitz in Duhallow area this year or if you would like more information please text me 0867725372 to register your interest. Please see our @CorkGAACoaching twitter page for regular photos and updates regarding the blitzes.

Duhallow U13 Football & Hurling Regional Sessions Summer Schedule
In July and August I will be running a series of U13 Regional Football and Hurling sessions in Duhallow. Please see below for the times, dates and venues.
These sessions are the first step on the road to the Cork U14 Development Squads for 2015. Only players that attend these sessions will be considered for selection for the North Region Football and Hurling Squads that will be picked for the first Regional Tournament at Halloween.
I will run three sessions in July and three in August for players in Duhallow. The sessions are open to all players but I would ask clubs to send players that they feel are up to divisional standard.
The focus for the sessions will be to get players to use both sides (hurling) and both feet and hands (football). Players will also be encouraged to move when they received the ball and to strike and kick the ball on the run.

Duhallow U13 FOOTBALL Sessions
Tuesday 8th July 2.30pm – 4pm Newmarket
Tuesday 15th July 2.30pm – 4pm Newmarket
Tuesday 22nd July 2.30pm – 4pm Newmarket
Tuesday 5th August 2.30pm – 4pm TBC
Tuesday 12th August 2.30pm – 4pm TBC
Tuesday 19st August 2.30pm – 4pm TBC

Duhallow U13 HURLING Sessions
Friday 11th July 2.30pm – 4pm Kanturk
Friday 18th July 2.30pm – 4pm Kanturk
Friday 25th July 2.30pm – 4pm Kanturk
Friday 8th August 2.30pm – 4pm TBC
Friday 15th August 2.30pm – 4pm TBC
Friday 22nd August 2.30pm – 4pm TBC

Apply Now for County Stadium Blitz Days!
Cork Coaching & Games (in association with Munster Council) are offering clubs the opportunity to participate in a series of blitz days at County Stadiums.
The blitzes are for under 12 club teams and will be 10 a side with a panel cap of 20 players.
Each club will get the chance to play 3 games on the pitch against teams from other counties as well as a talk with a county player and a stadium tour.
This initiative is in its 4th year and has been a very enjoyable day out for the clubs that have taken part in the past.

The dates for the blitzes are as follows:
July 15th & 16th : Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney (Football Blitzes)
July 22nd & 26th : Gaelic Grounds, Limerick (Hurling Blitzes)
July 29th & 30th : Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Cork (Football Blitzes)
Aug 5th & 6th : Semple Stadium, Thurles (Hurling Blitzes)

Cork Coaching & Games are opening this up to every club in the county.

However, if demand exceeds the amount of places allocated, then clubs will be selected based on their participation in the LEE Flag Scheme from 2013.
We would encourage all clubs to apply for participation in at least 1 venue however as it is a great opportunity for boys to play in the same stadiums as their idols. We realise that the blitzes are during working hours but the head coach does not have to attend as the games are about participation rather than winning a competition.
To register your interest in taking part please email me on or before 25TH JUNE
Please ensure that you include the venue and date you wish to attend as well as a second choice venue and or date.

Lee Flag
I previously sent the full details of the Lee Flag programme to all clubs.
I would encourage all clubs in Duhallow to engage with the Lee Flag Programme as it will improve all aspects of your club and provide recognition for the good work that you are currently doing.
If clubs have questions in relation to the programme please contact me.
To enter the scheme clubs must run a Cúl Camp and must have a Coaching Officer in place. Failure to meet these criteria will automatically rule clubs out of the scheme.

Primary School Blitzes
A number of Primary School Blitzes took place in Duhallow over the last number of months. I ran my first one, with the help of Noel Crowley, in Cullen on 29th May. The blitz was for 2nd and 3rd class pupils. A fantastic day was had by all with Cullen NS, Derrynagree NS and Knocknagree NS attending on the day.
I plan to run a series of Primary School Blitzes in Duhallow when the schools return in September. The main theme of the blitzes will be fun and involvement for all. I would encourage clubs to ask their schools to take part in these blitzes as they are of benefit to both club and school. The blitzes will be aimed at 2nd class pupils and will be 7 a side. They will follow the same format as the U8 Monster Blitzes and are aimed at involving all 2nd class pupils in every school. I would also encourage clubs and schools to run their own Primary School Blitz for the schools in a clubs catchment area. The blitz would be run in the local pitch with all of the local schools invited. The last few weeks of school might be a good time to run one before the summer holidays. If clubs need help organising these blitzes please contact me.

Catch up on whats going on...
To keep in touch with what is happening in Coaching and Games in Cork follow us on Twitter @CorkGAACoaching, like us on Facebook and keep an eye on the Cork GAA www.gaacork.ie and Rebel Og www.rebelog.ie websites for regular news items.

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