Primary School Blitzes and Nursery Programme 2013-04-04 07:42:00

County-Wide Club-Primary Schools Blitz Day
We are all aware of how important our local Primary Schools are to our club in recruiting the next generation of players for adult teams. The link between the club and school has never been so important than today where other sports are played as frequently as GAA.

Coiste Oiliúna Chorcaí are asking all clubs around the county to forge greater links with their local primary schools by organising a blitz for 2nd and 3rd class pupils in their GAA grounds on the 16h April (or a day on that week which suits your schools).

What Do Clubs Need To Do?
The Club Coaching Officer or Schools Liaison Officer is to approach the local Primary School(s) in their area with a view to arranging a suitable time for the schools to attend a blitz. The blitz can be either hurling or football and ideally, would be aimed at 2nd, and, or 3rd class pupils.

The club should run the blitz on the day with the schools mixing players up to play 7 a side Go Games. This will ensure all children get to know each other, even if they are in different schools.

The club can use the day to introduce some pupils to the local GAA grounds and to encourage more children to join the club on a regular basis.
It may also be your chance to impress on the local Principal and teachers how organised your club is and how the club is willing to support the schools in the promotion of GAA.

Need Help? Contact your local GDA for advice.

Club Nursery Recruitment Grant Aid Scheme

Coiste Oiliúna Chorcaí are pleased to announce details of a new scheme for clubs to assist them in the recruitment of nursery players. This programme has already been piloted successfully in Cork and we re now encouraging all clubs to engage with this project in the next 2 months when recruiting players.

What Do Clubs Have To Do?
Clubs are asked to meet with their local Primary School Principal(s) and invite them to bring their infants classes to the local GAA Club outside of school hours (EG Saturday morning from 10am to 11am).
The club would then undertake a coaching programme for all children based on the ABC Have A Ball Programme from the Fun Do Coaching Manual over 6-8 weeks.
The club would be responsible for providing the coaches.
The club must encourage a minimum of 1 parent per child to attend every session.

What Do Schools Have To Do?
Teachers would be invited to attend the sessions along with the pupils from the school. The teachers would also be expected to promote the event each week in school as an add on to their health promotion initiatives. In the pilot programme, at least one staff member from the school was present each week.

What Grant Aid is available?
The importance of linking the local GAA club to the children in the parish cannot be over emphasized. Coiste Oiliúna Chorcaí would like to ensure each child would receive a t shirt or jersey branded with the local club name to help create this sense of belonging and togetherness. Therefore, clubs will be selected based on their commitment to the scheme and their future plans for their nursery structures. Clubs who are rewarded will be grant aided up to a maximum of €200. The club will have to put this funding towards the cost of club branded gear for players or towards nursery programme equipment.

How can a club avail of the Grant Aid?
To apply for grant aid, clubs need to notify their local GDA of their intention to participate in the project and when they intend to implement the coaching programme.
The GDA will attend sessions in order to sign off on the implementation of the programme.
Once the club has completed the project, then they will be asked to make a submission on how they intend to develop the smooth transition of the school pupils in to club players and parents in to club coaches.
A limited number of clubs will be selected for grant aid based on their commitment to the 6-8 sessions and on their future schedule to ensure long term participation.



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