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As a coach training your local club team for a year (or many years in some cases) it can be difficult to keep your players interested at training. A key element in avoiding the "same thing different day" syndrome with your players is to have new and challenging drills and games in your sessions.
Coiste Oiliúna Chorcaí are now offering coaches the chance to link up with other coaches, working at similar levels, to share ideas and activities that may help improve their own coaching sessions.

How will the initiative work? Coaches who are interested are asked to contact the County Games Manager by e mail indicating their interest in the scheme and outlining the age group, grade and code(s) that they wish to focus on.
The Games Manager will then put this coach in touch with coaches of a similar level to trade ideas, drills and games.
The Games Development Administrators will also be assigned coaches to work with to enhance the sharing of information.

Is there a cost? There is no direct cost to any coach for getting involved.

Where are the coaches from? This is a pilot scheme and depending on demand, we are hoping to give coaches access to as many other coaches as they wish. We are going to link up with coaches from clubs in other counties in Munster to enhance the learning process. Some coaches may just wish to trade ideas with one other coach, while others may be looking to link up with many fellow coaches. Coaches will facilitated where possible.

If I am an inexperienced coach, can I still get involved? Of course! Just by sharing your experiences, you will add greatly to other coaches learning. You will also get the benefit of other coaches experiences which will enhance your learning to become a more enlightened coach.

What is the next step? If you wish to get involved all you need to do now is e mail and you will be directed to your local GDA support and other coaches with a similar profile to yourself. It will be then up to you to liaise with the contacts you receive.

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