County Hurling & Football Leagues Programme 2015   07/10/2014
Hurling Leagues
RedFM Senior Hurling League 2015
01/03/2015 Round 1
St Finbarrs v Ballyhea 
Newtownshandrum v Ballymartle 
Midleton v Blackrock 
Glen Rovers v Carrigtwohill 
Erins Own v Youghal 
Killeagh v Bride Rovers 
Na Piarsaigh v Bishopstown 
Douglas v Sarsfields 

08/03/2015 Round 2
Douglas v Glen Rovers 
Carrigtwohill v Midleton 
Blackrock v Newtownshandrum 
Ballymartle v St Finbarrs 
Ballyhea v Na Piarsaigh 
Bishopstown v Killeagh 
Bride Rovers v Erins Own 
Sarsfields v Youghal 

22/03/2015 Round 3
Killeagh v Ballyhea 
Na Piarsaigh v Ballymartle 
St Finbarrs v Blackrock 
Newtownshandrum v Carrigtwohill 
Midleton v Douglas 
Youghal v Bride Rovers 
Erins Own v Bishopstown 
Glen Rovers v Sarsfields 

05/04/2015 Round 4
Glen Rovers v Midleton 
Douglas v Newtownshandrum 
Carrigtwohill v St Finbarrs 
Blackrock v Na Piarsaigh 
Ballymartle v Killeagh 
Ballyhea v Erins Own 
Bishopstown v Youghal 
Sarsfields v Bride Rovers 

10/05/2015 Round 5
Youghal v Ballyhea 
Erins Own v Ballymartle 
Killeagh v Blackrock 
Na Piarsaigh v Carrigtwohill 
St Finbarrs v Douglas 
Newtownshandrum v Glen Rovers 
Bride Rovers v Bishopstown 
Midleton v Sarsfields 

17/05/2015 Round 6
Midleton v Newtownshandrum 
Glen Rovers v St Finbarrs 
Douglas v Na Piarsaigh 
Carrigtwohill v Killeagh 
Blackrock v Erins Own 
Ballymartle v Youghal 
Ballyhea v Bride Rovers 
Sarsfields v Bishopstown 

May/June Round 7
Bishopstown v Ballyhea 
Bride Rovers v Ballymartle 
Youghal v Blackrock 
Erins Own v Carrigtwohill 
Killeagh v Douglas 
Na Piarsaigh v Glen Rovers 
St Finbarrs v Midleton 
Newtownshandrum v Sarsfields 

June Round 8
Newtownshandrum v St Finbarrs 
Midleton v Na Piarsaigh 
Glen Rovers v Killeagh 
Douglas v Erins Own 
Carrigtwohill v Youghal 
Blackrock v Bride Rovers 
Ballymartle v Bishopstown 
Ballyhea v Sarsfields 

July Round 9
Ballyhea v Ballymartle 
Bishopstown v Blackrock 
Bride Rovers v Carrigtwohill 
Youghal v Douglas 
Erins Own v Glen Rovers 
Killeagh v Midleton 
Na Piarsaigh v Newtownshandrum 
Sarsfields v St Finbarrs 

July Round 10
Blackrock v Ballyhea 
St Finbarrs v Na Piarsaigh 
Newtownshandrum v Killeagh 
Midleton v Erins Own 
Glen Rovers v Youghal 
Douglas v Bride Rovers 
Carrigtwohill v Bishopstown 
Ballymartle v Sarsfields 

July Round 11
Ballymartle v Blackrock 
Ballyhea v Carrigtwohill 
Bishopstown v Douglas 
Bride Rovers v Glen Rovers 
Youghal v Midleton 
Erins Own v Newtownshandrum 
Killeagh v St Finbarrs 
Sarsfields v Na Piarsaigh 

August Round 12
Douglas v Ballyhea 
Carrigtwohill v Ballymartle 
Na Piarsaigh v Killeagh 
St Finbarrs v Erins Own 
Newtownshandrum v Youghal 
Midleton v Bride Rovers 
Glen Rovers v Bishopstown 
Blackrock v Sarsfields 

August Round 13
Blackrock v Carrigtwohill 
Ballymartle v Douglas 
Ballyhea v Glen Rovers 
Bishopstown v Midleton 
Bride Rovers v Newtownshandrum 
Youghal v St Finbarrs 
Erins Own v Na Piarsaigh 
Sarsfields v Killeagh 

September Round 14
Midleton v Ballyhea 
Glen Rovers v Ballymartle 
Douglas v Blackrock 
Killeagh v Erins Own 
Na Piarsaigh v Youghal 
St Finbarrs v Bride Rovers 
Newtownshandrum v Bishopstown 
Carrigtwohill v Sarsfields 

Oct. 4th latest Round 15
Carrigtwohill v Douglas 
Blackrock v Glen Rovers 
Ballymartle v Midleton 
Ballyhea v Newtownshandrum 
Bishopstown v St Finbarrs 
Bride Rovers v Na Piarsaigh 
Youghal v Killeagh 
Sarsfields v Erins Own

Division 1 Hurling League 2015
Rounds 1-6 to be played on or before scheduled dates, both clubs to confirm fixtures details to office by email only as per regulations. Two more of the remaining rounds to be played by August 9th. All games to be completed by October 4th. 

01/03/2015 Round 1
Blarney v Meelin 
Fermoy v Ballinhassig 
Cloyne v Bandon 
Inniscarra v Courcey Rovers 
Newcestown v Kilworth 
Tracton Bye 

08/03/2015 Round 2
Tracton v Inniscarra 
Courcey Rovers v Cloyne 
Ballinhassig v Bandon 
Meelin v Fermoy 
Kilworth v Blarney 
Newcestown Bye 

22/03/2015 Round 3
Blarney v Newcestown 
Fermoy v Kilworth 
Bandon v Meelin 
Courcey Rovers v Ballinhassig 
Cloyne v Tracton 
Inniscarra Bye 

05/04/2015 Round 4
Cloyne v Inniscarra 
Ballinhassig v Tracton 
Meelin v Courcey Rovers 
Kilworth v Bandon 
Newcestown v Fermoy 
Blarney Bye 

10/05/2015 Round 5
Fermoy v Blarney 
Bandon v Newcestown 
Courcey Rovers v Kilworth 
Tracton v Meelin 
Inniscarra v Ballinhassig 
Cloyne bye 

17/05/2015 Round 6
Blarney v Bandon 
Ballinhassig v Cloyne 
Meelin v Inniscarra 
Kilworth v Tracton 
Newcestown v Courcey Rovers 
Fermoy bye 

Round 7
Bandon v Fermoy 
Courcey Rovers v Blarney 
Tracton v Newcestown 
Inniscarra v Kilworth 
Cloyne v Meelin 
Ballinhassig bye 

Round 8
Blarney v Tracton 
Fermoy v Courcey Rovers 
Meelin v Ballinhassig 
Kilworth v Cloyne 
Newcestown v Inniscarra 
Bandon Bye 

Round 9
Courcey Rovers v Bandon 
Tracton v Fermoy 
Inniscarra v Blarney 
Cloyne v Newcestown 
Ballinhassig v Kilworth 
Meelin Bye 

Round 10
Blarney v Cloyne 
Inniscarra v Fermoy 
Bandon v Tracton 
Kilworth v Meelin 
Newcestown v Ballinhassig 
Courcey Rovers Bye 

Round 11
Tracton v Courcey Rovers 
Bandon v Inniscarra 
Fermoy v Cloyne 
Ballinhassig v Blarney 
Meelin v Newcestown 
Kilworth Bye 

Division 2 Hurling League 2015
Rounds 1-6 to be played on or before scheduled dates, both clubs to confirm fixtures details to office by email only as per regulations. Two more of the remaining rounds to be played by August 9th. All games to be completed by October 4th. 

01/03/2015 Round 1
Éire Óg v Kildorrery 
Fr. O’Neill’s v Valley Rovers 
Carrigaline v Castlelyons 
Ballincollig v Kilbrittain 
Charleville v Watergrasshill 
Mallow bye 

08/03/2015 Round 2
Mallow v Ballincollig 
Kilbrittain v Carrigaline 
Valley Rovers v Castlelyons 
Kildorrery v Fr. O’Neill’s 
Watergrasshill v Éire Óg 
Charleville bye 

22/03/2015 Round 3
Éire Óg v Charleville 
Fr. O’Neill’s v Watergrasshill 
Castlelyons v Kildorrery 
Kilbrittain v Valley Rovers 
Carrigaline v Mallow 
Ballincollig bye 

05/04/2015 Round 4
Carrigaline v Ballincollig 
Valley Rovers v Mallow 
Kildorrery v Kilbrittain 
Watergrasshill v Castlelyons 
Charleville v Fr. O’Neill’s 
Éire Óg bye 

10/05/2015 Round 5
Fr. O’Neill’s v Éire Óg 
Castlelyons v Charleville 
Kilbrittain v Watergrasshill 
Mallow v Kildorrery 
Ballincollig v Valley Rovers 
Carrigaline bye 

17/05/2015 Round 6
Éire Óg v Castlelyons 
Valley Rovers v Carrigaline 
Kildorrery v Ballincollig 
Watergrasshill v Mallow 
Charleville v Kilbrittain 
Fr. O’Neill’s bye 

Round 7
Éire Óg v Mallow 
Fr. O’Neill’s v Kilbrittain 
Kildorrery v Valley Rovers 
Watergrasshill v Carrigaline 
Charleville v Ballincollig 
Castlelyons bye 

Round 8
Kilbrittain v Castlelyons 
Mallow v Fr. O’Neill’s 
Ballincollig v Éire Óg 
Carrigaline v Charleville 
Valley Rovers v Watergrasshill 
Kildorrery bye 

Round 9
Éire Óg v Carrigaline 
Ballincollig v Fr. O’Neill’s 
Castlelyons v Mallow 
Watergrasshill v Kildorrery 
Charleville v Valley Rovers 
Kilbrittain bye 

Round 10
Mallow v Kilbrittain 
Castlelyons v Ballincollig 
Fr. O’Neill’s v Carrigaline 
Valley Rovers v Éire Óg 
Kildorrery v Charleville 
Watergrasshill bye 

Round 11
Castlelyons v Fr. O’Neill’s 
Kilbrittain v Éire Óg 
Mallow v Charleville 
Ballincollig v Watergrasshill 
Carrigaline v Kildorrery 
Valley Rovers bye 

Division 3 Hurling League 2015
Rounds 1-6 to be played on or before scheduled dates, both clubs to confirm fixtures details to office by email only as per regulations. Two more of the remaining rounds to be played by August 9th. All games to be completed by October 4th.

01/03/2015 Round 1
Ballygarvan v Dripsey 
Aghabullogue v Milford 
Barryroe v Grenagh 
Blackrock v Castlemartyr 
Argideen Rangers v Aghada 
Kanturk bye 

08/03/2015 Round 2
Kanturk v Blackrock 
Castlemartyr v Barryroe 
Milford v Grenagh 
Dripsey v Aghabullogue 
Aghada v Ballygarvan 
Argideen Rangers bye 

22/03/2015 Round 3
Ballygarvan v Argideen Rangers 
Aghabullogue v Aghada 
Grenagh v Dripsey 
Castlemartyr v Milford 
Barryroe v Kanturk 
Blackrock bye 

05/04/2015 Round 4
Aghabullogue v Ballygarvan 
Grenagh v Argideen Rangers 
Castlemartyr v Aghada 
Kanturk v Dripsey 
Blackrock v Milford 
Barryroe bye 

10/05/2015 Round 5
Barryroe v Blackrock 
Milford v Kanturk 
Dripsey v Castlemartyr 
Aghada v Grenagh 
Argideen Rangers v Aghabullogue 
Ballygarvan bye 

17/05/2015 Round 6
Ballygarvan v Grenagh 
Milford v Barryroe 
Dripsey v Blackrock 
Aghada v Kanturk 
Argideen Rangers v Castlemartyr 
Aghabullogue Bye 

Round 7
Grenagh v Aghabullogue 
Castlemartyr v Ballygarvan 
Kanturk v Argideen Rangers 
Blackrock v Aghada 
Barryroe v Dripsey 
Milford bye 

Round 8
Ballygarvan v Kanturk 
Aghabullogue v Castlemartyr 
Dripsey v Milford 
Aghada v Barryroe 
Argideen Rangers v Blackrock 
Grenagh bye 

Round 9
Castlemartyr v Grenagh 
Kanturk v Aghabullogue 
Blackrock v Ballygarvan 
Barryroe v Argideen Rangers 
Milford v Aghada 
Dripsey bye 

Round 10
Ballygarvan v Barryroe 
Blackrock v Aghabullogue 
Grenagh v Kanturk 
Aghada v Dripsey 
Argideen Rangers v Milford 
Castlemartyr bye 

Round 11
Kanturk v Castlemartyr 
Grenagh v Blackrock 
Aghabullogue v Barryroe 
Milford v Ballygarvan 
Dripsey v Argideen Rangers 
Aghada bye 

Football Leagues
Rounds 1-7 to be played on or before scheduled dates, both clubs to confirm fixtures details to office by email only as per regulations. Two more of the remaining rounds to be played by August 9th. All games to be completed by October 4th. First-named team at home.

Rochestown Park Hotel Division 1 Football (Kelleher Shield) 2015

08/02/2015 Round 1
Valley Rovers v Ilen Rovers
Clyda Rovers v O Donovan Rossa
Douglas v Newcestown
Nemo Rangers v Bishopstown
St Finbarrs v Carbery Rangers
Castlehaven v Clonakilty

15/02/2015 Round 2
Valley Rovers v St Finbarrs
Clyda Rovers v Nemo Rangers
Bishopstown v Newcestown
O Donovan Rossa v Carbery Rangers
Ilen Rovers v Clonakilty
Douglas v Castlehaven

22/02/2015 Round 3
Carbery Rangers v Clonakilty
Bishopstown v St Finbarrs
Newcestown v Nemo Rangers
O Donovan Rossa v Douglas
Ilen Rovers v Clyda Rovers
Castlehaven v Valley Rovers

15/03/2015 Round 4
Clonakilty v St Finbarrs
Nemo Rangers v Carbery Rangers
Bishopstown v Douglas
Newcestown v Clyda Rovers
O Donovan Rossa v Valley Rovers
Ilen Rovers v Castlehaven

29/03/2015 Round 5
Valley Rovers v Newcestown
Clyda Rovers v Bishopstown
Carbery Rangers v Douglas
Clonakilty v Nemo Rangers
Ilen Rovers v O Donovan Rossa
Castlehaven v St Finbarrs

12/04/2015 Round 6
St Finbarrs v Nemo Rangers
Douglas v Clonakilty
Clyda Rovers v Carbery Rangers
Valley Rovers v Bishopstown
Newcestown v Ilen Rovers
Castlehaven v O Donovan Rossa

19/04/2015 Round 7
Douglas v Clyda Rovers
Nemo Rangers v Valley Rovers
Ilen Rovers v St Finbarrs
Clonakilty v O Donovan Rossa
Carbery Rangers v Newcestown
Bishopstown v Castlehaven

Round 8
Valley Rovers v Carbery Rangers
Clonakilty v Clyda Rovers
St Finbarrs v Douglas
O Donovan Rossa v Newcestown
Bishopstown v Ilen Rovers
Castlehaven v Nemo Rangers

Round 9
Clyda Rovers v Valley Rovers
Douglas v Ilen Rovers
Nemo Rangers v O Donovan Rossa
St Finbarrs v Newcestown
Clonakilty v Bishopstown
Carbery Rangers v Castlehaven

Round 10
Nemo Rangers v Douglas
St Finbarrs v Clyda Rovers
Clonakilty v Valley Rovers
Carbery Rangers v Ilen Rovers
O Donovan Rossa v Bishopstown
Newcestown v Castlehaven

Round 11
Valley Rovers v Douglas
Bishopstown v Carbery Rangers
Newcestown v Clonakilty
O Donovan Rossa v St Finbarrs
Ilen Rovers v Nemo Rangers
Castlehaven v Clyda Rovers

Division 2 Football League 2015

08/02/2015 Round 1
Ballincollig v Bantry Blues
Éire Óg v Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh
Kiskeam v Newmarket
Aghada v Nemo Rangers
Naomh Abán v Dohenys
Fermoy v Macroom

15/02/2015 Round 2
Newmarket v Aghada
Kiskeam v Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh
Éire Óg v Bantry Blues
Naomh Abán v Fermoy
Dohenys v Nemo Rangers
Macroom v Ballincollig

22/02/2015 Round 3
Éire Óg v Ballincollig
Bantry Blues v Kiskeam
Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh v Aghada
Newmarket v Dohenys
Fermoy v Nemo Rangers
Macroom v Naomh Abán

15/03/2015 Round 4
Newmarket v Fermoy
Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh v Dohenys
Aghada v Bantry Blues
Kiskeam v Ballincollig
Nemo Rangers v Naomh Abán
Macroom v Éire Óg

29/03/2015 Round 5
Kiskeam v Éire Óg
Ballincollig v Aghada
Dohenys v Bantry Blues
Fermoy v Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh
Naomh Abán v Newmarket
Nemo Rangers v Macroom

12/04/2015 Round 6
Newmarket v Nemo Rangers
Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh v Naomh Abán
Bantry Blues v Fermoy
Ballincollig v Dohenys
Éire Óg v Aghada
Macroom v Kiskeam

19/04/2015 Round 7
Aghada v Kiskeam
Dohenys v Éire Óg
Fermoy v Ballincollig
Naomh Abán v Bantry Blues
Nemo Rangers v Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh
Macroom v Newmarket

Round 8
Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh v Newmarket
Bantry Blues v Nemo Rangers
Ballincollig v Naomh Abán
Éire Óg v Fermoy
Kiskeam v Dohenys
Aghada v Macroom

Round 9
Newmarket v Bantry Blues
Dohenys v Aghada
Fermoy v Kiskeam
Naomh Abán v Éire Óg
Nemo Rangers v Ballincollig
Macroom v Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh

Round 10
Bantry Blues v Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh
Ballincollig v Newmarket
Nemo Rangers v Éire Óg
Kiskeam v Naomh Abán
Aghada v Fermoy
Dohenys v Macroom

Round 11
Newmarket v Éire Óg
Béal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh v Ballincollig
Dohenys v Fermoy
Naomh Abán v Aghada
Nemo Rangers v Kiskeam
Bantry Blues v Macroom

Division 3 Football League 2015

08/02/2015 Round 1
Carrigaline v Kinsale
St. Vincent’s v Mallow
St Nicks v St. Michael’s
Ballinora v Mitchelstown
Castletownbere v Cill na Martra
Glenville v Glanworth

15/02/2015 Round 2
Castletownbere v Ballinora
Glenville v St Nicks
Cill na Martra v St. Vincent’s
Mitchelstown v Carrigaline
St. Michael’s v Kinsale
Mallow v Glanworth

22/02/2015 Round 3
Ballinora v St Nicks
St. Vincent’s v Castletownbere
Carrigaline v Glenville
Cill na Martra v Kinsale
Mitchelstown v Mallow
Glanworth v St. Michael’s

15/03/2015 Round 4
St. Vincent’s v Carrigaline
St Nicks v Kinsale
Ballinora v Mallow
Castletownbere v St. Michael’s
Glenville v Mitchelstown
Cill na Martra v Glanworth

29/03/2015 Round 5
Kinsale v Mitchelstown
Carrigaline v Cill na Martra
Glenville v St. Vincent’s
St Nicks v Castletownbere
Mallow v St. Michael’s
Ballinora v Glanworth

12/04/2015 Round 6
St Nicks v St. Vincent’s
Carrigaline v Ballinora
Castletownbere v Kinsale
Glenville v Mallow
Cill na Martra v St. Michael’s
Mitchelstown v Glanworth

19/04/2015 Round 7
Kinsale v Ballinora
Carrigaline v St Nicks
Mitchelstown v Cill na Martra
St. Michael’s v Glenville
Mallow v Castletownbere
St. Vincent’s v Glanworth

Round 8
Kinsale v Glenville
Castletownbere v Carrigaline
Ballinora v St. Vincent’s
St. Michael’s v Mitchelstown
Mallow v Cill na Martra
Glanworth v St Nicks

Round 9
Kinsale v St. Vincent’s
Cill na Martra v Glenville
Mitchelstown v Castletownbere
St. Michael’s v Ballinora
Mallow v St Nicks
Glanworth v Carrigaline

Round 10
Kinsale v Mallow
Carrigaline v St. Michael’s
St. Vincent’s v Mitchelstown
St Nicks v Cill na Martra
Ballinora v Glenville
Glanworth v Castletownbere

Round 11
Glenville v Castletownbere
Cill na Martra v Ballinora
Mitchelstown v St Nicks
St. Michael’s v St. Vincent’s
Mallow v Carrigaline
Glanworth v Kinsale

Division 4 Football League

08/02/2015 Round 1
Glanmire v Millstreet
Ballydesmond v Youghal
Kildorrery v Rockchapel
Aghabullogue v Adrigole
Kanturk v Mayfield
Na Piarsaigh v Grenagh

15/02/2015 Round 2
Na Piarsaigh v Kanturk
Mayfield v Aghabullogue
Adrigole v Kildorrery
Rockchapel v Ballydesmond
Youghal v Glanmire
Grenagh v Millstreet

22/02/2015 Round 3
Millstreet v Adrigole
Glanmire v Mayfield
Ballydesmond v Na Piarsaigh
Kildorrery v Kanturk
Youghal v Rockchapel
Grenagh v Aghabullogue

15/03/2015 Round 4
Kanturk v Aghabullogue
Na Piarsaigh v Kildorrery
Mayfield v Ballydesmond
Adrigole v Glanmire
Rockchapel v Millstreet
Youghal v Grenagh

29/03/2015 Round 5
Millstreet v Youghal
Glanmire v Rockchapel
Adrigole v Ballydesmond
Kildorrery v Mayfield
Aghabullogue v Na Piarsaigh
Grenagh v Kanturk

12/04/2015 Round 6
Aghabullogue v Kildorrery
Kanturk v Ballydesmond
Na Piarsaigh v Glanmire
Mayfield v Millstreet
Adrigole v Youghal
Rockchapel v Grenagh

19/04/2015 Round 7
Millstreet v Ballydesmond
Mayfield v Na Piarsaigh
Adrigole v Kanturk
Rockchapel v Aghabullogue
Youghal v Kildorrery
Grenagh v Glanmire

Round 8
Ballydesmond v Glanmire
Kildorrery v Millstreet
Aghabullogue v Youghal
Kanturk v Rockchapel
Na Piarsaigh v Adrigole
Mayfield v Grenagh

Round 9
Kildorrery v Ballydesmond
Aghabullogue v Glanmire
Kanturk v Millstreet
Na Piarsaigh v Youghal
Mayfield v Rockchapel
Adrigole v Grenagh

Round 10
Millstreet v Na Piarsaigh
Glanmire v Kanturk
Ballydesmond v Aghabullogue
Rockchapel v Adrigole
Youghal v Mayfield
Grenagh v Kildorrery

Round 11
Millstreet v Aghabullogue
Glanmire v Kildorrery
Adrigole v Mayfield
Rockchapel v Na Piarsaigh
Youghal v Kanturk
Grenagh v Ballydesmond

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